"Just like learning to ride a bike."

We all remember when we learned to ride a bike. The lectures we attended on balance. The books we read on pedal pumping. The presentations we sat through on steering.

Of course not.

We learned to ride by getting on a bike. We fell a few times, scuffed our knees, and maybe had a helping hand on the back of the seat. We learned to ride by doing.

Modern jobs require skills as complicated as riding a bike. And just like riding a bike, there isn‘t time to think. That customer/patient/client/manager standing in front of us doesn’t have time to wait while we try to remember Step 4 of the sales/feedback/diagnosis/troubleshooting process. We have to react on the job, and quickly.

That’s why we train people to develop skills that become like reflexes. And the only way to do that is to put them in simulations where they practice, again and again, while receiving real world feedback. Just like learning to ride a bike.